Herkunft unbekannt
Fach-/Kunstrichtung Freie Kunst
Studienrichtung Public Art
Curriculum Vitae
2015 Exchange with The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US
seit 2014 Master of Fine Arts, Bauhaus-Universiät Weimar
2013 Bachelor (Hons) of Arts, Central Saint Martins College, London, UK
2015 Fulbright Travelscholarship
2015 DAAD Promos Stipendium
2013 Nominiert für Nova Award, Cental Saint Martins College and Lowe & Partners
2013 Nominiert für Future Shorts by University of the Arts, London


"Zona Ciega - Blind Zone - Blinde Zone" (2015, Installation)

Havanna, May 2015

What is the role of art in a place where social critique and freedom of speech suffer from censorship and suppression – where the necessity and will to improve social structures is turned down by a regime that finds itself in a drastic moment of change - overshadowed by fear?

Trust seems to be an issue.
Not only geographical identification with the notion of “east” or “west” appears to become dispensable on an island of “eternal revolution” - surrounded by icons and over painted graffitis whose messages shall not be revealed.

Engaging with the public as the key for common understanding – isn't everything supposed to be public (?) - total embrace. At any moment trying to overcome the division between me and the Other; by acknowledging that I am the Other myself. Inner conflict with outer circumstances or vice versa? The borders were given already.

Away from the “amusement park like” areas of Cuba, where one encounters the banality of tourism to its fullest, while watching people taking selfies on sticks next to Che images, inside old Chevrolets and Cadillacs or together with an old man smoking a cigar.



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