Herkunft Mersin/Türkei
Fach-/Kunstrichtung Visual Art
Studienrichtung Media Art and Design
Curriculum Vitae
2012- 2015 MFA in Media Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität
Weimar, DE
BA Degree in Advertising (major) /Photography & Video (minor), Istanbul Bilgi University, TR
2011 Exchange in Multimedia Communication,
Howest University College, Kortrijk, BE
2015 Project’01, Energy Museum, Santralistanbul, Türkei
2014 Ein Augenblick in der Ferne, weArtgalerie, Weimar
2014 Ornament and Crime I, Der Laden, Weimar
2014 Echoes I: They stole love from our lives, M7 Keller, Weimar
2012 - 2014 Summaery, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
2010 Track10 Exhibition, Santralistanbul, Turkey

I frequently collect things until I know what to do with them and create regardless visual adventures. I am trained in advertising but the conditions of agencies didn’t fulfill my expectations. Imagination and reality have little in common. Therefore, currently, I live and work in Weimar, Germany and pursue Masters of Fine Arts in Media Art and Design programme. In my work, I focus on themes such as; the self, visual traditions, the popular taste and the non-sense. By doing so, I produce photography, video, performances, printed matter and spatial works following different techniques.

And I'm a compulsive sharer.

"Open Studio/IN PROGRESS" (2015, Conceptual research)

“If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point art became more of an activity and less of a product.”
Bruce Nauman, contemporary artist
(1966, upon his graduation)

My studio is located in Mariensstrasse 9, 3rd floor, in room 206.
The empty room in M9 is taken by me as a master student currently working on my master thesis as of four months ago. My master thesis, IN PROGRESS / Curating the self deals with exploring the individual identity, and the relationship between the self and the other. I’m currently conducting research into the question of self-understanding
as an artist, self-organisation, the role of art in self-actualisation, manifestation and mimicry, including ‘the internet’, which mediates so much of my life.The atelier has been transformed into a site for production, which is in a state of constant transformation. Ultimately, my master thesis is expected to manifest itself in the form of a book and an event outside of my atelier.Therefore, open studio events where my process in the studio can be observed by an interested audience to aid my final work.

Photos: Louis De Belle



E-Mail: duygudj [at] gmail.com
Website: www.datceken.com