Herkunft Poland/Croatia
Fach-/Kunstrichtung Guitarist, Composer, Hobby Photographer
Studienrichtung Classical, contemporary, film, improvised
Curriculum Vitae
Over 30 awards in guitar performance and composition
Solo, chamber and orchestral performances

Born in 1990, Janko Rašeta is the award-winning guitarist and composer, considered to be one of the most talented guitarists of his generation. Despite his young age Janko Rašeta has already won over 30 prizes at important performance and composition competitions, awarded for his solo, chamber, orchestral and film works.
Since he was eight Janko has been regularly performing at concerts and music festivals all over the Europe. He also organises his own concerts, which are attended by large audiences.
He has recorded two albums, his first when he was just ten years old. Janko has in his repertoire a wide range of compositions for classical guitar. Besides that he plays with chamber ensembles and orchestras, also on the electric guitar with live electronics, thus presenting his complex musical personality.


„Desires, Ambitions“ (Dreiecksbeziehung)

„Desires, Ambitions“ is a soundtrack to the final scene of Jibran Khan’s short film „The Encounter“. Filmed in black-and-white and set in the night, the scene consists of the main character’s eponymous encounter and his nostalgic monologue, as he walks away in the night. The composition consists of a theme at the beginning, improvised passage in the middle, and the ending cadenza. Thematic material is a melodic interpretation of the „Dream“, the dark opening sequence that represents rather a sound design work than a musical piece. Also, the sampled slides could be heard before. This time however, instead of inducing surreal anxiety they serve as a calm transition after quiet narrative played on the electric guitar.

September 2013
Duration: 4:06
Instrumentation: guitars, synthesizers, sampler, electronics



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