Herkunft Milano / Italy
Fach-/Kunstrichtung Photography, graphic design
Studienrichtung Media, Arts & Design (MFA)
Curriculum Vitae
2014 Media, Arts & Design (MFA) - Bauhaus Universität Weimar
2014 Berlin + Weimar, Germany
2011 Berlin, Germany
2010 Visual Communication (BA) - Politecnico di Milano
1996 Milano, Italy
1993 New York, USA
1988 Milano, Italy
Selected exhibitions
2014 Means or Transport (Some Flags), Solo exhibition at Petra Löffler’s office Weimar (DE)
2014 Immer Irgendwo Anders, Collective exhibition at KEW Fotowerkstatt Uni Bauhaus Weimar (DE)
2014 Dreiecksbeziehung, Collective exhibition at Marke.6 - Neues Museum Weimar (DE)
2013 Some Rooms of Fortune, Collective exhibition at KEW Fotowerkstatt Uni Bauhaus Weimar (DE)
2013 Adieu Marie, Collective exhibition at Marienstraße 2 Weimar (DE)
2012 Le Città Invisibili, Collective exhibition by Faber at Cubo Milano (IT)

Born in 1988, Louis lives and works between Weimar and Berlin. The aim of his photographic work is to highlight the strangeness and plasticity of isolated motifs, drawn from ordinary scenes. He tries to capture impressions for their inherent visual appeal, with a keen eye on serial repetition, frontality and clearness.

"Failed Dioramas" (Bauhaus Essentials 2014)

WUNDERKAMMER, literally "wonder chamber", better known as "cabinet of curiosities". This is where, since the 16th century, collectors and scientist used to display rarities and unusual artifacts, in order to amuse visitors and fellow workers.
I got the chance to visit one. It contained an overwhelming amount of archaeological gems. However, what impressed me was the vast amount of items which were not (yet) neatly arranged. These rarities — as astonishing as the ones in the display — were lying all around, accidentally combined with ordinary objects. It looked like an unprepared exhibition, yet a visually eloquent one. And as such, it deserved to be revealed.
Failed Dioramas is a photographic series which explores the idle interiors of a private space, where animal rarities and other atypical treasures have been stacked over time. It narrates and exposes an unusual atmosphere, which arises out of odd set- ups and bizzarre clusters of (apparently) misplaced collectors’ items.

Jahr: 2014, Maße: 160cm x 160cm x variable heights, Material: Cardboard boxes, Tape, Fine art prints, Glass

Dreiecksbeziehung 2014

The organizers provided different audio compositions. The one I followed had a sinister sway. I was listening through earphones, holding a camera, looking for visual hints. While trying to catch specific motifs, I sneaked through public busses. The tones were misleading. I glimpsed at remote technical components, intersections, vents: that's where those sounds were coming from.
All of the images are close-ups of public transportation busses.

2 Fine art prints clipped on cheap grey cardboard, 40 x 40 cm
3 Fine art prints clipped on cheap grey cardboard, 60 x 40 cm



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