"Current (ERFURT, JENA, WEIMAR)" (Bauhaus essentials 2015)

Our everyday life can often be described as a flow, that is constantly taking us forward. We pass by places, things and people, leaving our memories and experiences behind and we sometimes don’t have an opportunity to stand up, stop and look around or behind ourselves, to see all the way, all the traces, the inanimate witnesses, that silently remember us passing by. In this photo series I sought to slow down, disconnect myself from the motion and look back, look up and down. I moved to the sides and touched the objects, had a closer look at them, inspected the marks, textures and lines, tried to observe them back and seek for the clues for the stories they had witnessed.

„Current (Erfurt, Jena, Weimar)“, 19 Fotografien, 2015



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