Herkunft Jena/Deutschland
Fach-/Kunstrichtung Musik, elektroakustische Improvisation
Curriculum Vitae
2012 Studium Medienkunst, Bauhaus Universität Weimar
2009 Promotion
2005 Diplom in Informatik/Mathematik

Martin Hünniger studied computer science and mathematics in Jena and worked in research and holds a degree on algorithmic design of high dimensional geometrical and topological problems. He also studied electroacoustic composition in Weimar with Robin Minard, is member of several experimental musical groups. He developed the Audio-Granulator a standalone device for granular synthesis for live performances. His compositions are inspired by abstract settings and mathematical ideas togheter with an intuitive approach to composing sounds.

The Dandy Desmond Doping Tour at the Kurztheaterspektakel 2012 in Jena. Special guest Thomas Prestin on Saxophone. (dreiecksbeziehung)

The performance took place in Tim Helbigs sound installation that consisted of 16 different water tubes which were driven by 8 channel sound. 8 tubes formed an inner circle surrounding the ensemble and the other 8 formed an outer circle doubling the inner ones. Some sounds in the concert were put directly on the tubes together with ambisonic placement. Others were played directly. The audience was placed between the inner and outer circle of tubes. It was a very intimate concert.



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